Second Step Clubhouse is open:

Monday - Saturday 1:00 to 5:00

Closed on Sundays and Holidays

 Monday-Friday 1:00

Monday-Friday 2:00 to 5:00 & Satrurday 1:00 to 5:00


Monday:          1:30  Stretching / 2:00  Support Group

Tuesday:         2:00  Clubhouse Meetings (1st and 3rd Tuesday)

Wednesday:    1:30  Stretching 
                         2:30 Employment Discussion (1st and 3rd Wednesday)
                         2:00 Relaxation Group ( 2nd and 4th Wednesday)

Thursday:        2:00  Creative Expressions

Friday:             2:00  Group game activity

WORK UNITS:    This is the time where Staff and Members work together side-by-side to complete the daily work that is important to the Clubhouse daily functioning. Participation in the Work Units is always encouraged but not enforced. If a Member chooses not to participate in Work Units, then we ask for them to please wait in the TV room till social / rec time starts. (Work Unit Duties: attendance, outreach, maintenance, snack bar, inventory, money count, phone calls, check mail, file, type, newsletter, and cleaning)

Clubhouse Members can check in on how the past week went and share any mental health struggles, successes, and recovery management tools. 

STRETCHING & WALK: Lead by a Clubhouse member, we are lead through a stretching routine and then go for a walk if the weather permits.

RELAXATION GROUP: Lead by a Clubhous member, members are guided through a various ways of relaxation to reduce daily stress. 

CLUBHOUSE MEETINGS:  All Clubhouse Meetings are open to both Members and Staff. This is a time where we discuss the operations of the Clubhouse Program and make decisions based on the feed back from all participating. On days we have our Clubhouse Meetings, social / rec does not start until after the meeting is done.

CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS: Lead by a Clubhouse member, come and share what creations you have, are, or will be working on. Also group projects, watch musicals or movies based on real life events.

GROUP GAME ACTIVITY:   Regular Social / Rec starts but we also try each Friday to introduce new games for anyone to learn. 
SOCIAL & RECREATION:   We believe that normalized social and recreational opportunities are an important part of a person’s path to recovery. So, this is the time to relax, have fun, and have the opportunity to watch TV, personal computer use, pool table, snack bar, play games, crafts/art projects, Wii games, movies, and listen to music.